How to make your baby healthier and happier.

Babies are the most precious and vulnerable members of society. They not only need love, care, and nurturing to survive in this world, but they also have a right to health. Often times babies suffer from illnesses that can be prevented with proper immunizations. To make sure your nannusays stay healthy and happy, you should take full advantage of the knowledge you have access to. Here is how to make your baby healthier and happier.


What causes illness in babies

There are many causes of illness in babies. One major cause is the lack of vaccinations for infants. A majority of children in the United States have received their first infant vaccine dose by age 2, but many parents choose not to vaccinate their children. Even though this may seem like a harmless decision, it can have devastating consequences on your baby’s health later on in life. 

Another major cause of illness in babies is poverty. Babies born to impoverished families are more likely to die before they reach their first birthday than those who were born into well-off families. Lack of access to clean water and sanitation can also cause illness in babies as well as an increased risk for lead poisoning and problems with vision or hearing.


How to prevent illness

One way you can ensure your baby stays healthy is by making sure they have access to good nutrition. Babies need a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order to be healthy. If your baby has a diet that is full of unhealthy foods, such as refined sugars and animal products, the risk for illness increases greatly. For example, studies show that babies who eat more than two servings of fruits and vegetables per day are less likely to develop asthma or obesity later in life.

Another way you can prevent illness is by taking your baby for immunizations at their 12-month well-baby visit. Immunizations help prevent chronic diseases and illnesses from happening before they even happen. They also help protect them from horrible diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chickenpox, whooping cough, and influenza.

At least 36 shots are required in order to complete all the recommended immunization series for infants during their first year of life; this includes the hepatitis B shot at birth or 6 weeks old (depending on your country’s recommendations). Make sure your baby has all these shots so that they are protected as early as possible!


When should you take your baby for a good visit?

It is recommended that you take your nannu says for a good visit at the following times:

– When the due date approaches

– Immediately after birth

– When first signs of illness or infection appear

– After a major illness or infection

– Every 6 months after the first year of life

– Every year after the second year of life


Other ways to improve your baby’s health

Your baby’s happiness and health can be improved through proper nutrition and hygiene. Gather information from your doctor or pediatrician about how to care for your baby, including nutrition. And make sure you are taking a good rest with your baby so that both of you can get the sleep that you need.



A baby’s health can be improved in a variety of ways, but there are certain situations where the pediatrician is the best option for care.