Essential oils to Prevent Premature greying of hair

Spotting the first speck of white strand can be a matter of pride for some who embrace this journey, but for others could be a matter of concern. Graying of hair is an intrinsic and unavoidable part of the aging process. However, if your hair begins to gray before you reach your thirties, it is natural to get concerned. Hair pigmentation is affected due to several reasons, some of which include extreme UV exposure, hormonal balance, poor diet and so forth. If your hair starts to get grey in your twenties then you are a victim of premature greying. But worry not, essential oils are here to solve all your woes. Essential oils are those precious drops which come with astonishing benefits for skin and hair. They help solve various hair problems ranging from dandruff to premature greying of hair. In this blog we will be discussing best essential oils to prevent premature greying of hair and essential oils store in USA from where you can buy pure and 100% natural oils.

How Essential oils Prevent Greying of Hair

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plant parts like leaves, stems, flower etc. These are precious drops which are known for an array of benefits for hair. They not only help maintain healthy hair but also prevent concerns related to hair like premature greying, dandruff, irritation on scalp etc. Essential oils help manage greying of hair by reducing stress, stimulate hair follicles and induce melanin production.

Top 5 Best Essential oils to stop Premature Greying Hair

1.  Tea Tree Essential oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties along with cleansing action. It not only helps treat premature greying of hair but is also an excellent oil for dandruff. Tea tree oil also helps promote healthy, luscious hair.

2.  Rosemary Essential oil

Rosemary oil is hailed as the best and most popular essential oil for hair growth as it promotes blood circulation on scalp. But a few know that this oil not only prevent premature greying of hair but also help darken hair which have already turned grey.

3.  Thyme Essential oil

Thyme is yet another essential oil which is proven to be very effective for premature greying of hair. It has potent antibacterial and anti-microbial properties which fights off bacteria which damage hair and scalp, thereby resulting in renewed hair shine and colour.

4.  Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint oil addresses an important problem related to premature greying of hair. It allows growth of newer and darker hair thereby increasing hair turn around rate which removes grey hair. It is also known to guard melanin production in hair follicles thus making it beneficial for premature greying. 

5.  Clary Sage Essential oil

Clary sage is yet another essential oil which is useful in preventing premature greying of hair. It puts a brake on the aging process of hair follicles and thus prevents early greying. It is also known to enhance hair color and improves hair shine as it promotes increased blood circulation on scalp.

In addition to these, few other essential oils which are good for premature greying include Lavender oil, Ginger oil, Cashew oil online etc. 

DIY hair oil recipe for Premature Greying

This hair oil comprises of all natural ingredients which are loaded with properties that help prevent premature greying of hair. It will provide much needed nourishment to hair which will help strengthen hair follicles. They also help darkken hair follicles by reducing stress and acts as a natural dye by slowing down melanin degeneration.


·   4-5 drops Rosemary Essential oil

·   4-5 drops Tea Tree essential oil

·   15ml castor Oil

·   15 ml Olive oil


·   Take a bowl and mix equal amounts of castor and olive oil

·   To this add essential oils

·   Apply this oil to hair and scalp and leave for an hour before washing with mild shampoo. You can use this hair oil once a week to see best results. 


Greying of hair is inevitable. However you can slow down the process by using essential oils. Essential oils not only help dark hair by increasing melanin production but also promote healthy, shinier hair. It is important to take proper care of your hair and maintain regular routine using these natural ingredients. In addition to this, one should also be careful of harmful chemicals present in hair care products and be vary of chemical treatments.