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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is a magnificent housing development spanning 10,000 canals close to Rawalpindi, is being built by Rmrsco Pvt. GmbH. The Bahria Town Phase 8 Expressway, N-5, Chakri & Thalian Junction, CPEC, a developing special commercial zone, the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the Khalsa Dam, Freshwater Agency are all close by Adiala Road, which borders them. The NOC is currently being approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

With the help of the internationally famous NESPAK National Engineering Services Pakistan, the developers have elevated the real estate market (NESPAK). Two top organizations signed a consultation agreement on January 1, 2020. We project that the plan will be finished in 24 months.

Additionally, the builder’s primary goal is to improve Pakistan’s urbanization and living circumstances.

Owner & Developer Of RUDN Enclave

The promotion of an elite and opulent lifestyle for its citizens is this society’s top priority. Modern architecture and initiatives with a service-oriented focus are the focus of RUDN Enclave. One of the most well-known brands in the real estate industry, RMRSCO (PVT) Limited is happy to present RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. NESPAK, a publicly traded corporation that has worked on numerous large-scale projects in Pakistan, is the primary design consultant for the RUDN enclave in Rawalpindi. RMRSCO and NESPAK have struck a two-year agreement.

Total Area Of ​​The RUDN Enclave

The nicest properties for sale in Islamabad may be found at RUDN Enclave, a thoughtfully designed gated community. The RUDN Enclave is the largest residential development, with a total area that includes more than 13,000 canal areas. All areas’ development work is moving along quickly.

Limited City Planning & Design (Pvt)

UPDL is a specialised design company that offers clients state-of-the-art solutions in urban planning, design development and management, civil engineering, and MEP development to fit their particular needs. The foundation of UPDL Inc.’s active business today is still its commitment to its customers and employees from the majority of that early period. This was done out of a sense of optimism for the future.

Its fundamental founding assumptions are exclusively based on enthused and understandable modern management approaches. They provide a wide range of solutions as a result, from large-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects to smaller-scale design creation for specific buildings and services. Additionally, they establish friendly relationships with their clients in order to complete the task quickly and affordably.


  • Water is available at all times.
  • Electricity is available 24 hours a day.
  • Natural gas 365 days a year
  • colleges and universities
  • universities and colleges
  • Recreation Area/Themed Park
  • Market/shopping mall/grocery store/shopping mall
  • Calm, stable and safe climate
  • Security gates, surveillance equipment, CCTV cameras and security personnel are part of this gated community.
  • Other important and cultural places are very close.
  • The main boulevard is carpeted and well planned.
  • Paths, paths, paths and paths
  • Well-planned drainage and sewage system
  • Security system
  • Solid waste treatment mechanism


  • The feeling of finding a place far away

General Block

The first group is the common block in the Rudn Enclave General Block. The common block contains seven more blocks. A-Square, B-Square, C-Square, D-Square, E-Square, G-Square, and H-Square are additional blocks. You have your own price and facilities.

The price of a 5 marla residential plot in the general block is Rs. 12 lakhs, with a 15% reservation fee of Rs. 1 lakh and 80,000. Additionally, the confirmation charge is 5 percent of the Rs 60,000 total.

The cost of the 7 Marla Suburban Plots is merely Rs. 15 lakh plus a 15% booking charge of Rs. 2 lakh and 25,000 rupees. Additionally, the confirmation charge is equal to 5% of the Rs 75,000 total.

Additionally, there are residential plots with 10 marlas for sale for Rs 21,000 and Rs 65,000 with a 15% discount.

Executive Block

3,500 land canals make up the executive block. This block and other groups both offer a variety of cutting options. There are 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 7 cuttings of Marla plots. These three different cutouts can only be utilised for housing slots, as well. Additionally, there are vacant 8 Marla and 4 Marla properties.

Executive Block Location

The Executive Block is directly accessible from Adiala Road. There is vegetation all around the executive building. The hotel offers top-notch amenities in addition to luxurious flats. In addition, there is a peaceful food court and garden with a view of the dam. A high school, grocery store, fire station, hospital, cricket stadium, central park, residential structures, and more can be found in the Rudn Enclave Executive Block.

RUDN Enclave Master Plan

The goal of RUDN Enclave is to give Pakistan the highest possible standard of living. The development will provide top-notch amenities, cutting-edge infrastructure, and an opulent setting for those looking to live in style. NESPAK created the master plan for the RUDN enclave. Master Plan The well-planned metropolis will span 14,000 canals thanks to the RUDN Enclave Master Plan. The master plan for the RUDN enclave consists of several blocks.

Each block out from the residential section has its own distinct commercial area as well. Partially published maps of numerous blocks, ranging from Blok A to Blok G, published by RUDN Enclave. Apartment buildings with residential lots ranging from 5 marla to 1 canal and industrial lots ranging from 4 marla, 8 marla, and 1 canal are blocks A, C, F, and G. Block B is set aside for villas and will be rented out after work is complete. 4 and 8 tracts of farmhouses and commercial land respectively make up Blocks D and E.

RUDN Enclave NOC

Since NOC people wouldn’t invest in the programme without the Rudn Enclave, this is the question that gets asked about the Rudn Enclave the most. It is crucial to remember that housing projects need more than a dozen NOCs and permits from the Rudn enclave, including: B. WASA, climate, energy, gas, etc., and each permit requires a significant amount of time and work.

A lot of good news is on the way for the Rudn Enclave NOC RDA now that the firm has completed all the necessary requirements and filed the land documentation. Each development authority, i.e., the RDA, CDA, LDA, FDA, etc., will be in charge of giving NOCs for new housing projects within 60 days of filing under the new reforms suggested by the present administration in June 2020, unless there is a sufficient basis for the refusal or delay. Although they have asked the RDA for permission, they do not currently have an official NOC. soon to be launched is anticipated.


A very competent development team and the renowned NESPAK collaborated to construct the RUDN Enclave. The business was constructed by engineers utilizing cutting-edge tools and materials. The residential area has the best infrastructure and opulent amenities at the most reasonable pricing, as promised by the company. The business gives you a special chance to purchase real estate at a fair price. To secure your future, Sapphire Properties encourages you to make an investment in the RUDN Enclave. The investment made by Sapphire Properties, new technological advancements, and industrial infrastructure will advance in an effort to satisfy your expectations. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email, WhatsApp, or if you would like more information about the RUDN Enclave, its expansion potential, or to reserve a residential or commercial property.